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It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 

Source: http://io9.com/marvels-new-captain-america-will-be-black-1606409585

calling it, whoever the new iron man is they won’t be straight. marvel’s tryna go for the trifecta.

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So the last few days were crazy

  • Birthday party last Friday where my mates came over from Bradford and got drunk with both Manchester and Bradford mates and I got a Disney Princess Birthday Cake
  • Comic Con for a few hours and then going home because I had the hangover from hell on Saturday
  • Sunday was Comic Con take 2 where I spent the day running round as Lumpy Space Princess looking fresh to death
  • Then my 21st at home on Monday
  • Back to Manchester for a BBQ and packing on Tuesday
  • Spending yesterday still partially stoned and procrastinating cleaning
  • And now I’m back in Manchester and finally not at all stoned, so yey good times

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You going to Thoughtbubble?

Ofc I am! loved it last year, got so many cool prints

1 day ago on July 23, 2014 at 08:41pm

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Dang!! I didn’t see you at MCM that is tragic!

It is a shame , I was looking fresh to death

If anyone from MCM has any pictures of me as Lumpy Space Princess please let me know

I had a decent amount of pictures taken but left it way too late to look and now there is way too much to search through, if you coud just tag me or message me that would be great


this is the greatest blooper 

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Flower crowns to #hipsterasfuck

Bag full of beans #cosplay #adventuretime #lumpyspaceprincess


We’re adults and we get to decide what that means: The Home Depot Edition

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Looking fresh to death coz lsp is ready for comic con #cosplay #adventuretime #wig #lumpyspaceprincess

Worried about Zoe #silenthill

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Looking fresh to death. Makeup test

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